The Original John's Plaice at Cardewlees

Many would say that a recession is not the best time to launch a new business, but John Hope thinks the opposite is true. He has just opened up a new fish and chip restaurant.
Theres no history of a chippy on the site, its a good walk from the nearest houses and its on one of the regions busiest roads. But John couldnt resist the challenge.
I think a recession is when you should open a business if you can make a success of it when it is bad, you will do all right. Most people I know thought I was an idiot taking something on in the middle of nowhere, with no houses nearby, a fast road and a rural location.
But we drove past this every day when we worked in Carlisle and I just thought of all the passing trade. I wanted to open a chip shop in a new situation, not take over an existing business. There is no chip shop in Dalston or Thursby and I just thought it had a lot of potential.
Perhaps most importantly, he has his name to trade on.
Despite a seven-year break from running a fish and chip shop, former customers still remember the quality of his food from when he ran a business in Moss Bay, Workington and then at Silloth. Hence the name: The Original Johns Plaice so his old customers know it really is him.
I missed the buzz of it, admits John who still lives in Silloth. Ive missed working the nights and weekends Ive walked miles along the prom at Silloth in the evenings because Ive not had anything to do.
Its hard and hot work, weve spent a fortune fitting this place out and were working long hours, but Im enjoying it and it has gone better than I expected. Tea-time, from 4.30pm to 7pm is our busiest time, but we are getting quite a few people in for breakfast as well. And were getting people in who see the sign and say oh, it is really you which is good.
The building has a mixed heritage, before being restyled as the Original Johns Plaice it was a saddlery and tack shop for horsey-types and before that it was a Little Chef. Its fair to say that the food has improved since then!