Stobart Campaign


The proposed re-location of Stobart Group to Carlisle Airport and the announcement that work is due to start on the long-awaited Carlisle Northern Development Route is a double boost for Kingmoor Park, one of the largest industrial estates in the north west.

Kingmoor Park Properties Ltd, the management company behind the estate, also owns the current Stobart premises on Kingstown and is looking forward to adding this portfolio of buildings to its stock of available property. The Stobart move means there are now six prestigious, high quality commercial units available for lease or sale.

The timing is particularly good as it coincides with the recent announcement that work will start in October on the long-awaited Carlisle Northern Development Route (CNDR) that will cut through Kingmoor Park, further enhancing the site’s already excellent communications network.

Commenting, Tony Goddard, Chief Executive of Kingmoor Park Properties Limited, said: “These are two excellent pieces of news for us. The Stobart re-location provides us with a great chance to expand the variety of stock we can offer potential customers and the new road will open up the whole of North West Cumbria to new and existing firms on the site.

“Kingstown is a very popular site and previously we have been limited as to what we can offer. Now, we have a wide variety of buildings and land which means we can be flexible in our response to enquiries from companies, whatever their size or needs. The more options we can offer, the more chance we have of retaining successful companies in Carlisle, as well as attracting firms from outside the area. It is also a rare investment opportunity, for as well as leasing the land and buildings, we will consider selling.

“We are confident of attracting a lot of interest as we have had a positive year so far. In January, we had more enquiries than we have ever had in any previous January and interest has continued at a high level over the past months. We have 70% occupancy across the Kingmoor and Kingstown sites, so this injection of new stock means we are anticipating a big response.