RESULTS DELIVERED after 14months careful planning, hard work, and collaborative interactions; Carigiet Cowen support Port of Lancaster at Glasson in generating their first international shipment of steel.

Jody Lauder, Carigiet Cowen’s Associate Director for Professional Services and Consultancy said ‘this has been an adventure, there have been one or two tricky points to navigate, including for a length arbitration, but our clearly plotted asset management strategy has charted a defined and deliberate course which will now allow Port of Lancaster to begin delivery of their long term profitable horizon’.

Elsabe White, CEO - Port of Lancaster said ‘Carigiet Cowen as a multi disciplinary practice was able to collectively support our venture; firstly reviewing the Ports’ Business Rates assessment, but subsequently generating a saving. This led to our seeking leasehold advice on a specific unit which in turn led to a whole scale review of the Port asset including Agency opportunities’.

Elsabe further commented that ‘Carigiet Cowens’ Asset Management review of the estate gave rise to 5 key opportunities and has led to a wholescale review of operations. Health & Safety as well as port Security has been substantially improved, rent roll increased, and export shipping opportunities secured.

Paul Monk, Chairman – Port of Lancaster Commissioners said ‘the excitement of everyone was noticeable when Lyrika arrived earlier this month to take the first of several planned shipments of recycled steel to Spain. International shipments have been missing from the Ports’ manifest for circa 20yrs and to see Morecambe Metals embark on their new venture at Glasson is very gratifying; as Commissioners it confirms that the hard work laid down over the previous 14months to date have been worth it.

William De Carvalho, Commercial Manager – Morecambe Metals said ‘this is an exciting opportunity for us to efficiently, environmentally and profitably deliver recycled steel material to our international customers. The opening up of this port facility means we save road miles and the associated expense of long haulage routes, which is great for the environment and price point. The culmination of hard work undertaken by Port of Lancaster with the support of Carigiet Cowen could not have come at a better time for us.’

William also commented ‘a second cargo is now booked for shipment week commencing Monday 12th July; we have every confidence in this port facility.’

Ben Meil, Agency Manager – Graypen Shipping said ‘Port of Lancaster is gem that has flown under the radar for too long, less than 5miles from the M6 and accessible at J34 and J33 respectively this facility will allow us to more easily service or Lancashire and Cumbria client operations.

Ben further commented ‘we have now been able to secure several other bulk cargo opportunities which will be in excess of 30,000 tons; had Carigiet Cowen and Port of Lancaster not unlocked the East Quay facility we would not have been able to support Morecambe Metals and Atlas Commodities in their most recent export activity.

Jason Syers, Director for Economic Development & Regeneration – Lancaster City Council said ‘it is extremely encouraging that a EC1-Rural Employment Site within our July 2020 Local Plan district has been able to secure growth opportunities so quickly after opening up to export trade.

Jason further comments, ‘as a local authority we are supporting and inwardly investing within the district to give business the tools it needs to effectively operate. Our newly formed Port Health team have been working closely with Port of Lancaster as part of the post Brexit business enterprise support the Council is delivering.

Andrew Royce, Consultant Solicitor – Summerfield Browne said ‘acting for the Port has been an exciting time over the past 14-16months, it is not often that you have to advise client on using the full force of the law to get what they need and now seeing this export shipment commence means our work in support of Carigiet Cowen’s detailed and meticulous on site negotiations will pay dividend for our mutual client long term.