E-Cigarettes Branch opens in Kendal

A new branch of electronic cigarette specialists has opened in Kendal, offering 71 flavours of liquid nicotine.

No Match in Stramongate aims to offer a personalised service for each customer. Electronic cigarettes, which work by electronically vaporising ‘e-liquid’ are an
alternative way of getting nicotine without tar or carbon monoxide.

Co-owners, Rachel Ball and Simeon Stuttard said there was a shortage of e-cigarette shops in the north of England.

Ms Ball said, “The cost of normal cigarettes is rising, and we’re seeing an increase in interest in e-cigarettes, which are a healthier alternative”.

Mr Stuttard added: “What we focus on is customer service and the fact that people can try before they buy”.

Carigiet Cowen secured the new letting of this retail unit on the corner of
Stramongate on behalf of a local private investor.

For further information of Carigiet Cowen's properties or services, please contact 01228 544733, or email [email protected]